Our Policies

In PeakVantage we always act with absolute integrity as we strive to deliver excellent results to our clients.

This means that we apply consistently high ethical standards across the business; address day-to-day dilemmas guided by the ‘PeakVantage Way’; are transparent about our business decisions and practices; and hold ourselves accountable for acting with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


In PeakVantage we will communicate effectively with all our internal and external stakeholders.

This means we communicate in a way that is:

Clear – understandable and to the point

Credible – open, honest and balanced, both when the news is good and when it is bad

Relevant – timely and customised to meet the information needs of the people with whom we communicate

respectful – to everyone we communicate with, and about

Two-way – encouraging dialogue between ourselves and our stakeholders

In compliance – with external requirements and internal standards


In PeakVantage we always try to use the most suitable environmental solutions as we go about our activities.

This means that we:

Integrate environmental decision making across the value chain; promote more sustainable processes and products and engage in stakeholder dialogue and partnerships.


In PeakVantage we aim to grow as a company and ensure competitive value creation for our shareholders.

This means that we:

Pursue challenging short- and long-term financial targets; integrate a financial perspective into key business decisions; manage risks and ensure financial compliance with relevant regulations.


In PeakVantage we provide attractive, engaging and effective workplaces for our people.

This means that we:

Create an innovative workplace providing equal opportunities for all; maintain our passion for people to continuously develop; ensure effective and efficient work processes by applying excellent standards everywhere we work; and offer a workplace that supports a healthy lifestyle.


We believe that sport, art, music, theatre and other social meeting places are where people learn about and create the Global community.

PeakVantage supports projects that work with young people, promoting youth integration into Nordic or Global communities.

This means that we:

Will get involved with a number of social projects where we believe we can make a difference in this area.

Will always have, in PeakVantage, people who have a passion for youth development and social integration.


In PeakVantage we manage quality in order to meet the expectations and needs of all clients and stakeholders.

This means that we:

Develop and maintain a process-oriented quality management system based on client and stakeholder expectations and relevant laws and regulations; optimise business performance without compromising on quality; promote quality awareness throughout the company and always deliver the quality that is agreed in contracts.