Post Merger Integration and Separation (PMI)

Image-2The energy, effort, skill and above all focus required for a successful Post Merger Integration or Separation is often underestimated or under-resourced. PeakVantage comprehensive PMI Project Team will ensure that every element of the integration process is identified. Risk evaluation and mitigation plans are prepared and executed in conjunction with the Management Team. This Service starts preferably prior to Deal completion and continues to the full execution of the Transition phase. During this period the Management Team is identified and supported as appropriate. The end of the Transition process signals the start of the Transformation phase, which can also be fully supported by PeakVantage however at this point the support is less intensive than the Transition phase thanks to the tools and experiences gained by the in-house Team during the PMI. Transition ensures a smooth transfer and continuation of operations, Transformation ensures branch-leading standards.