Change Management

Don’t let “change management” be meaningless jargon !

Change is a difficult process that can do more harm than good if mismanaged. We will guide you from start to finish, beginning with setting clear and appropriate goals.

Skærmbillede 2013-02-15 kl. 13.26.40The primary focus of any change management process is frequent and clear two-way communication with employees both to drive the change and to ensure it is running smoothly, effectively and with minimum resistance. From our experience we know that getting everyone in the company involved before, during and after a transition phase will result in a higher rate of success in achieving goals and cost effectiveness.


How to change attitudes and behaviour

Communicate the right message, to the right people, in the right manner    

The first step is to convey a clear message that gives employees key facts
about the change and its purpose.

The second step is to give employees opportunities to ask questions in order to understand
why the change is needed.

The third step is to start to create engagement by involving the employees in exploring the
consequences of the change.

The fourth step is that employees begin to live and act the change and take initiatives to build the future.